Knights of Columbus
Mississippi Jurisdiction

Resolutions Adopted - 2016 Convention

2016-01 Commend Host Council.docx
2016-02 Thanking Supreme Representative.docx
2016-03 Loyalty to Pope Francis.docx
2016-04 Commend Supreme Knight and staff.docx
2016-05 In Memory of Bishop William Houck.docx
2016-06 Resolution of Loyalty to our Bishops and Bishops Emeriti .docx
2016-07 Support our Military.docx
2016-08 State Bowling Tournament.docx
2016-09 Tom Chady Golf_tournament.docx
2016-10 Resolution to Set Per Diem.docx
2016-11 Resolution to add EIN and 990 filing date to Form 1295 and form 1315.docx
2016-12 Establish William R Houck Fund.docx
2016-13 Distribution of Car Tag Receipts.docx