Robert Fratesi State Convention Minutes Archive

Past State Deputy Robert Fratesi, Council 2134 Greenville, faithfully preserved convention minute books over four decades. He transferred them to the State to post on the state website. He passed away in April 2019 so did not see the result of his diligent archival work. The Knights of Columbus of the Mississippi Jurisdiction will be forever grateful to Brother Fratesi for maintaining this record of our work.

Convention Minutes
1971 67th AnnualMinutes
1972 68th AnnualMinutes
1976 72nd AnnualMinutes
1980 76th AnnualMinutes
1981 77th AnnualMinutes
1982 78th AnnualMinutes
1983 79th AnnualMinutes
1984 80th AnnualMinutes
1985 81st AnnualMinutes
1986 82nd AnnualMinutes
1987 83rd AnnualMinutes
1988 84th AnnualMinutes
1989 85th AnnualMinutes
1990 86th AnnualMinutes
1991 87th AnnualMinutes
1992 88th AnnualMinutes
1993 89th AnnualMinutes
1994 90th AnnualMinutes
1995 91st AnnualMinutes
1996 92nd AnnualMinutes
1997 93rd AnnualMinutes
1998 94th AnnualMinutes
1999 95th AnnualMinutes
2000 96th AnnualMinutes
2001 97th AnnualMinutes
2002 98th AnnualMinutes
2004100th AnnualMinutes
2007103rd AnnualMinutes
2008104th AnnualMinutes
2010106th AnnualMinutes
2011107th AnnualMinutes
2012108th AnnualMinutes
2013109th AnnualMinutes
2015111th AnnualMinutes
2016112th AnnualMinutes
2017113th AnnualMinutes
2021117th AnnualMinutes
2023119th AnnualMinutes