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Completing the 2015-2016 State Program Report

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You must have Version 8 or later of Adobe Reader installed in order to fill out the form in your browser. Get Adobe Reader DC

The Chrome browser's built-in pdf viewer will not handle the form correctly. If you use Chrome as your browser, right click the link to the form, save the file to disk and open it in Adobe Reader.

Submit this form twice during the state program year on or before these dates:
November 15
March 31

Click on each check box next to activities your Council has completed. If your activity doesn't fit any of the ones listed, click one of the unused "Other" category options and describe the activity in a few words in the "Describe" box.

When you are ready to submit the form, click "Submit form" button in upper right of screen. If you use your computer's local email software (e.g. MS Outlook) your email program will open up with the form attached. If you use a web-based email software (Yahoo, or Gmail for example) the form will tell you to save it locally first. When you're ready to submit the form, open your web email application and attach the form.

When you save the form to your local drive, you are saving your answers too. When you open the file again, your previous answers will still be there. If you want, you can reuse the partially completed form for your end of year Program Activity report. Simply add the additional activities your Council carried out the last half of the program year. When you are ready to submit the form, follow the instructions in the preceeding paragraph.

Guy Heying
State Program Director
Cell: 601-209-2911