Marian Hour of Prayer

Holy Family
Prayer Book (English)
District 69/1/201810/31/2018
District 511/1/201812/31/2018
District 41/1/20192/28/2019
District 33/1/20194/30/2019
District 25/1/20196/30/2019
District 17/1/20198/31/2019
District 89/1/201810/22/2018
District 710/23/201812/13/2018
District 1312/14/20182/3/2019
District 122/4/20193/27/2019
District 113/28/20195/18/2019
District 105/19/20197/9/2019
District 97/10/20198/31/2019

District Deputies (See List) are responsible for making sure the icon keeps on schedule from district to district. Please make sure the log book is completed and that prayerful reverence is given to the icon as it will have a certified relic accompanying it this year.

If any questions or problems arise, please contact: Bob Leo, Marian Hour Coordinator, see State Directory.