Peter Sukanek, PSD, Ceremonials Director

Ceremonials A candidate's first impression of the Knights of Columbus is formed through his participation in the ceremonials of our Order. This impression may well be a lasting one and determine if the prospective member will be an eager, active member of his council or a passive member. All ceremonials must be conducted in a proper, professional manner to allow the candidate to properly learn the lessons of the degrees, and to cause him to want to advance to the higher degrees of the Order. Admission Degree Every council should form its own Admission Degree team. This will allow the council to conduct the Admission Degree as often as is necessary. A newly recruited candidate may lose interest in becoming a knight if he has to wait a long time for his Admission Degree. To that end, each Grand Knight should appoint a council ceremonials chairman. The council ceremonials chairman will recruit and train members to serve on the team. While it is currently permissible to read the parts of the Admission Degree, the goal should be for all parts to be memorized, and delivered in a clear, dramatic manner. Formation and Knighthood >>